Великі ідеї для маленького бізнесу

У нашому блозі багато практичних порад та новин, які допоможуть власникам маленького бізнесу керувати компаніями.

Працюй розумніше, а не більше!

Fine tuning your Money Saving Skills

08 сер 2022 автор: Caro Syson
How are you at saving money? Even if you're good at saving money, our skills can always be tuned. If you quietly thinking that you're terrible at saving money, don't worry. Read our saving money guide and get saving straight away!
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Beginners Marketing on a Shoe-String budget

01 сер 2022 автор: Caro Syson
Clueless about marketing? Don't have the pennies to fork out for help? Don't worry, we've got you. Our easy to follow marketing guide can help anyone get their head around marketing on a shoestring budget.
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Working Mum Dilemmas when you have your own Business

21 лип 2022 автор: Caro Syson
Being a working mum comes with a host of dilemma's, guilt and pressures, especially when you have you're own business. We've got some advice to help you with those dilemma's.
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How to Set Strong Boundaries in your Business

18 лип 2022 автор: Caro Syson
Setting boundaries is very important in business. If you're struggling to set them, read our tips on how to set and protect your boundaries.
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How to spot your D game and get back on track

11 лип 2022 автор: Caro Syson
Are you bringing your D game? Do you know how to spot your D game? Our guide will help you spot your D game and get back on track to bringing your A game.
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Investing in Yourself and the Important of Topping up your 4 Batteries

04 лип 2022 автор: Caro Syson
Putting others first may seem heroic but can lead to resentment and burn out, leaving you no good to anyone, including yourself. Read our tips on how to invest in yourself and keep your 4 batteries topped up.
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How to show up even when we don’t feel like it - our 7 point plan

27 чер 2022 автор: Caro Syson
There are times when we just don't feel like showing up, but if we don't our business can suffer. We have a 7 point plan to help you show up when you don't feel like it.
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How to Stop Over Complicating your Business Finances

20 чер 2022 автор: Caro Syson
Do you find yourself becoming frustrated with your business finances? We have some advice to help you stop over complicating them.
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The Inside Track on Increasing Your Prices

13 чер 2022 автор: Caro Syson
It can be tough to increase your prices, so we've put a guide together to help you feel good about increasing your prices.
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Tips and Hacks to Help you Manage Pressure in your Business

06 чер 2022 автор: Caro Syson
Managing pressures in your business is hard. We've put together some tips and hacks that can help manage business and life pressure.
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How to effectively deal with Copycats in Business

30 тра 2022 автор: Caro Syson
Copy cats are around, but there's no need to worry. We've got a great article that will help you feel better about anyone trying to copy what you're doing.
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Building a better work / life balance

23 тра 2022 автор: Caro Syson
It can be hard to juggle everything, from family to work life. We have some tips on how to balance your life so that you can grow your business and spend time with friends and family.
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How to ensure your payment methods are easy and convenient for your clients

16 тра 2022 автор: Caro Syson
Is it easy for your clients to give you money? We explore how to ensure that your payment methods are easy and convenient.
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Batching your content to save yourself tons of time

09 тра 2022 автор: Caro Syson
Batching your content can not only save you lots of time in the long run, it will help to keep consistent and showing up even when you don't feel like it.
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5 EASY ways to to create good habits to support your business

29 кві 2022 автор: Caro Syson
Creating good habits can help lead to business success. A positive and productive routine will set you up in life and in business. Try our 5 EASY ways to help you create great habits that will lead to positive rewards.
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7 Free Ways to Promote your Business

25 кві 2022 автор: Caro Syson
Business promotion doesn't have to cost the earth, or be hard work. We have 7 proven ways that cost nothing and are fun to do. Try out our tips for free business promotion and let us know how they work for you.
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5 time saving hacks that help you manage your workload more effectively

13 кві 2022 автор: Caro Syson
5 time saving tips that cost you nothing but help you work more effectively.
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5 ways Pocket PA can help take the stress out of your business admin

11 кві 2022 автор: Caro Syson
Being a business owner can be stressful. PocketPA can help take away some of that stress. Five ways how we can help. Business tips for self-employed small business owners. Tips for business admin.
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How to Boost Productivity in 20 Minutes

31 бер 2022 автор: Ellie Yeardye
As a self-employed small business owner, we often find there are too many things to get done in a day that only has 24 hours in it! Getting productive is key!
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How to Grow an Active Instagram Following - 5 Tips and Tricks

30 січ 2022 автор: Matilda Haymes
It’s easy to see that by following just these 5 steps alone, growing an active following is not as hard as you may have initially thought
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How to Understand your Cashflow and improve your Business Finances

27 гру 2021 автор: Caroline Syson
Good cashflow management really just means tracking and understanding the flow of your money in & out of your business. Pocket PA helps you do that beautifully
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How to claim your business mileage if you’re Self-Employed

25 жов 2021 автор: Caroline Syson
Business owners can easily claim back costs for mileage once they know how and what they're due.
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Harnessing the Power of Technology to get your Small Business Super Organised

06 кві 2021 автор: Caroline Syson
Getting left behind with technology isn’t necessary in this day & age when there are simple ways you can use it to keep your business up to speed. Start now!
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The most important Story your business needs to share

23 бер 2021 автор: Ellie Yeardye
When you're sharing your story about your business journey be sure to include both the highs and lows, the reasons why you started and how it all unfolded.
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The beginners guide to increasing productivity to make your business more profitable

13 жов 2020 автор: Lucy Pearson
Productivity & profits work hand in hand: when you increase one the other increases too. Here are 5 productivity-boosting steps to get the most out of your time
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3 easy ways to help you find your passion

13 тра 2020 автор: Caroline Syson
Don’t deprive the world from seeing your light. Keep on searching until you find what it is you love and then shine your beacon brightly and allow others ....
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